bim rai

Bim this  is one of the professional trekking guides in nepal himalayan. Bim rai had been worrking in this company from last five years.He started working as a senior guide with all himalayan treks. we believe Bim is the one to lead your to off beaten trial of nepal (Remote nepal). Bim is liable sincere hard working helpful coordinating and full experinced 9 years although he has taken trekking license on 2010 is because nepal government enforced this criterion for guide since 2010 . Bim is experienced with all the popular trekking routes in nepal sucheverest annpurna . langtang,manaslu .and many new as well as famous trials .He started his profession in tourism directily as a trekking guide and served many trekkrs after he received trekking guide license from ministry of tourism first aid training anglish language class by keep .Flunent in english from the initiation of the trekkng career and depth knowledge of the area after 10 year of trekking exoerience is his extra quality.He is one of the trusted guides of our company,determined by the service he did to our valued clients.he makes happy to our valued clients in any case with polite, friendly behave and well service.most of the off the beaten trial are guided by Bim .Bim has done all of the trekking trail in nepal himalaya numerous time and restricted trail few times.