Our Team

Nirmal Gurung

Founder/Team leader

I am Nirmal Gurung from Nepalese Himalayas. Since 2008 I have been working in the mountains, firstly as a porter for two years and subsequently as a guide.I have a lot of experience in the Himalayas, having come from a remote village myself.I am very familiar with many trekking destinations such as Annapurna, Langtang, Everest, Manaslu, Rupinala pass, Tsum valley, Mustang, Dolpo, Rolwaling, the list continues! While trekking with a group, safety is foremost in my mind.Our mountains are very beautiful and I gain great pleasure from helping trekkers enjoy them.However, to arrive safely back is my top priority. I have High Mountain First Aid Training. This is naturally essential to have on the high passes I have experienced such as Thorong La, Kalapathar, Gokyo Peak, Fifth Lake, Chola Pass, Thorong-La Pass, Tilicho Pass (Mesokantola Pass), Renjo- La pass, Tashilapcha. As well as the stunning scenery trekkers often find it interesting to hear bits and pieces about local culture, religions, norms, caste history and environmental issues.This helps the trekker appreciate the different world they have stepped into.My clients have always felt this has enriched their trip.

To conclude, I am smart business man who has long working experience and Master of business studies (MBS), is running  or All Himalayan Treks (p.) Ltd .I can communicate fluently in English.Therefore, I may help you make the most of the unique experience of holidays activities of Nepal.As a Tour and Trekking Operator, I can organize your holiday requirements, such as internal travel, thus ensuring that all aspects of your trip are carefully co-ordinate.

Riddhi Ghale

Trekking Leader

Riddhi Ghale from Dhading, Rubi valley, the home of mystic Ganesh Himal has been professionally active in the tourism field for 15 years. Growing up around tough terrains, Himalayas and close to sherpa culture, he has been able to make sure all the trekking activities are conducted successfully as a Trekking Leader.

Nanu Gurung

Female Trekking Leader

Originally from Gorkha, Namu Gurung has been active for 12 years to date. She is an example of women in tourism and especially in the field of trekking.

bhumira Gurung

climbing & trekking leader

Bhumira gurung one of our delighted trekking and mountai guide is icon of all Himalayan treks with his 15 years experience in the trekking and mountaineering especially in high altitude. Bhumira has climbed island peak, mera peak and everest and many other mountain in the khumbu himalaya.bhimira by birth from sothang solukhumbu district /district where mt.everest lies) learnt the technique of climbinng trekking and peak climbing from his childhood.he is one of the experienced teram members of all Himalayn treks. one of the high altitude specialist of All Himalayn treks and experience of more than decades with mountaineering is what reflects the real face of Bhumira .bumira who worked as porter in the starting begin improving to his fluent english and proved him to be a trusted part of All Himalayan treks family. Bhumira is healthy helpful, smiling, charming and charismatic literate trekking and mountaineering cimbing & trekking leader in our team.

dawa sherpa

climbing & trekking leader

Dawa sherpa is from khumbu district.he is the very professional climbing and trekking guide he is trained by ministry tourism with more than 12-year experience in the ground field.he is completet english language training in since 2004 he did an icefall doctor course climbing and first aid. he is very expert and kindly do the duty. because he knows how to satisfaction for clients.he talks less but he can do more. that`s why guest always ask Dawa is my guide 

Iman Gurung

trekking Guide

Iman is working as trekking guide since 2008 during this period he has be involved in many different companies. but when he joined all himalayan treks .from 2014 he is regularly working with us in full dedication.before he worked as trekking guide he was a porter in the himalayan.this is what makes him to give respect to the jov he is doing. born in the rubi vally ganesh himal reging, dhading he is one of the smart dedicated friendly guide of team all himalayan treks.Iman has done of the restricted area trekking except everest,annpurna langtang. restricted trail like nar-phu dolpo manslu tsum-vally upper mustang are vaey common trail for Iman.


kieron magar

trekking leadees

 Born and grown up in the lap of everest trekking trail ,kieron is working with all himalayan treks. from the beginning of the company . He is helpful, smiling with sense of humor. fluency in english makes  his profession more worthy. all himalayan team is happy to get kieron for the quality guiding his the himalayan combined with his high school education makes strong bonding of service in the profession. youth involvuce in trekking guide career, kieron has his family jiri dependent on his  earning. kieron was working as a trekking guide from his hometown jiri and after all himalayan treks is established .he is working with us from the beginning kieron has done trekking to annpurna everest for numerous time as a successful guige.

bim rai

trekking leadees

Bim this  is one of the professional trekking guides in nepal himalayan. Bim rai had been worrking in this company from last five years.He started working as a senior guide with all himalayan treks. we believe Bim is the one to lead your to off beaten trial of nepal (Remote nepal). Bim is liable sincere hard working helpful coordinating and full experinced 9 years although he has taken trekking license on 2010 only.it is because nepal government enforced this criterion for guide since 2010 . Bim is experienced with all the popular trekking routes in nepal sucheverest annpurna . langtang,manaslu .and many new as well as famous trials .He started his profession in tourism directily as a trekking guide and served many trekkrs after he received trekking guide license from ministry of tourism first aid training anglish language class by keep .Flunent in english from the initiation of the trekkng career and depth knowledge of the area after 10 year of trekking exoerience is his extra quality.He is one of the trusted guides of our company,determined by the service he did to our valued clients.he makes happy to our valued clients in any case with polite, friendly behave and well service.most of the off the beaten trial are guided by Bim .Bim has done all of the trekking trail in nepal himalaya numerous time and restricted trail few times.

Gopal magar

trekking leadees

Gopal is one of honest and friendly member graduated in english.He entered to this field before 10 years and he started his career from porter. He serve as porter for more than 3 years and then turned to a genius trekking guide of all himalayan treks . He makes your trek fanny  memorable interesting and easy with his gist information about nepal and is constituents. Gopal magar is  now a matured guide of this company with his Excellency of year as a trekking guide He has led many groups to upper mountains  and  got heavy chance to meet the moutain .so we can strongly conform you that will awesome and fruitful. He has dong trekking to Everest and Annpurna numerous time , though as a trekking guide he has boon to all most all the trekking trail few times.