Company Overview

Company Overview


All Himalayan Treks & Expeditions, although fresh new adventure companies of
Nepal, but managed by professional tourist expertise.

All Himalayan Treks & Expeditions, established decades ago, by expert trekking
guide Mr. Nirmal Gurung with a team of veteran staff.

Nirmal Gurung has led countless treks around Nepal Himalaya during his trekking
career of more than ten years’ experience.

Born and bred on the laps of massive Ganesh himal Himalaya range around Nepal
Mid-West in a hill village of Chalish. Close to the suburb of Nepal leading
touristic destination of dhading, a city of charm and beauty.

All Himalayan Treks & Expeditions, in comparison to other hundreds of companies
in Nepal. Quite different in its unique ways, when providing services to valued
customers, offering the best quality with money-worth of holidays.

All Himalayan Treks & Expeditions guides and staff are the best in leading and
guiding travelers to exotic Himalayan destinations. Very professional and have led
various adventures all around the Himalayas, making every customer happy with
enjoyable, memorable moments.

There are many various good reasons why All Himalayan Treks & Expeditions
stands as a reputed and best local company. In the first place, Nirmal Gurung the
founder of the company has led various adventures from moderate to challenging
trekking. Along with his team of expert guides and staff who are dedicated.
In providing the best of the best services in every trip; that is why All Himalayan
Treks & Expeditions gets repeated customers every season of the year.

All Himalayan Treks & Expeditions not only run and organize trekking and various
adventures around Nepal Himalayas and beyond.

The company also provides volunteering programs around rural villages offering
financial support to maintain the standard of living. As well as providing
educational materials to needy schools and maintaining trekking trails, and
providing awareness programs.

Saving and protecting the green pristine environment from destruction and taking
care of hygiene and safe drinking waters.

All Himalayan Treks & Expeditions retains as one of the top adventure companies
for the following reasons:

01: Visitors on booking with us provided with full information and details of the
trip chosen.

02: From the main arrival to final departures taking immense care of all our

03: Reasonable and affordable trip cost with money worth of holidays with us.

04: All trips treks, climbs or leisure tours accompanied and guided by
professional veteran guides to show you the wonders of Nepal.

05: Well-educated and knowledgeable guides can communicate in various
foreign languages, besides English.

06: All guides are well versed in Eco-Trekking and Responsible Tourism.

07: All guides attend workshops from medical first-aid training to saving

08: Guides can explain any type of subject regarding Nepal’s local cultures,
religions including flora and fauna.

09: All trekking staff and guide with friendly relations among local villagers on
route trekking, which is the most important on leading enjoyable treks.

10: Guides will make the best that all clients are happy and satisfied with the
services provided.

11: In unfortunate situations when clients or staff are sick makes the best
effort to evacuate the patients to the nearest hospitals or medical post.

12: The Company takes care of staff and porters welfare with good wages, trip
allowance including medical insurance in all treks.

So, when you book with All Himalayan Treks & Expeditions where all clients have
the best time with us. On the first arrival comes to Nepal as a guest, and departs
with a satisfied smile, as a friend and family of All Himalayan Trek & Expeditions.